Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Blog Overview

Welcome to Schar Education Spotlight! Here, you will find information on the Dwight Schar College of Education. Some of that information includes opportunities for student teachers, highlights of the programs we offer at Ashland University, student internship blogs, and contact information for our program centers. Let us take you on a brief tour of the blog itself.

On the right hand side, you can find links to our Student Internship Blogs. These blogs are updated at least weekly by students who are traveling to areas other than Ohio to do their student teaching. They will talk about their teaching experiences, as well as their experiences outside of the classroom. We invite you to take time and explore the students' journeys to becoming teachers.

You can also find Alumni Reflections on the right hand side. Click on each alumni's name to learn more about their experience at Ashland University. Immediately following Alumni Reflections, you will find Faculty Scholarship. Each faculty member listed explains their individual publications and achievements. You may access these videos by clicking any of the faculty members' names.

Contact information is also available for you to access. We have the program centers' websites listed on the right hand side. By clicking on each individual center, you can explore the centers' websites and find their contact information. At the very bottom of the blog, we have websites, as well as telephone numbers, if you would like to find out more information about the College of Education, the student internship opportunities, or if you have any questions or comments about our blog.

What can you expect from this blog? Other than providing a home page for all of our exciting program opportunities and student internship blogs, we are aiming to highlight the experiences of the student interns that best represent Ashland University. Each week, we will pick an area where students are interning. We will feature the student teachers and some of their stories, pictures, and what makes them a true Ashland University representative.

Please continue to check Schar Education Spotlight for updates on these teachers, as well as exciting opportunities being provided for all of our College of Education students.

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