Sunday, October 2, 2011

Student Intern Spotlight: Sarah Crowley

This week, we travel to Charleston, South Carolina, where we meet Sarah Crowley.

Sarah is an early childhood major, completing her student teaching in a first grade classroom. Her weekly blog updates are full of enthusiasm for teaching, as well as the adjustments that she has had to make in her transition from Ohio to South Carolina. One such adjustment is the class sizes, which is about 16-17 students per classroom. She says of this difference: I could honestly get used to the smaller class sizes, as it allows for teachers to have more one-on-one teaching time! I am also able to do so many more activities with the students, due to the smaller numbers.

This week's update from her let followers know that she has now taken over math. Not only did her first week of actual teaching go well, but her mentor teacher was so impressed with her lesson plans that she copied them for all of the other first grade teachers in the building! What a testament to the hard work Sarah put into planning her lessons and activities.

One other reason for Sarah's spotlight this week is that she is immersing herself in a well-rounded internship experience, complete with volunteering after school. She not only highlights her classroom and school experiences, but also her tourist experiences with other Ashland University students and her host family. Sarah understands that her internship's success depends on her involvement both in and out of the classroom.

The Schar College of Education is very proud of the impact that Sarah has already made on her host school and mentor teacher in South Carolina. For more information on Sarah, and to read more details on her experience, please visit her blog at

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