Friday, February 18, 2011

Student Intern at Liberty Pines Academy

Meet Alicia. She is a senior early childhood major with a 4th and 5th grade endorsement doing her student teaching in a first-grade classroom at Liberty Pines Academy in St. John's, Florida. 

She began teaching her first lessons the second week she was at LPA. She began by teaching reading lessons, followed by incorporating math lessons her third week. Also in her third week, she felt what it was like to be a "real" teacher. Her cooperating teacher was not there, so she had to take over large group reading lessons, guided reading groups (small group), and guided math lessons. She says of this experience: "I believe that I am more aware of the time and effort that go into being a successful, committed teacher after a day in the classroom without my mentor teacher!"

Outside of student teaching, Alicia is very busy! In addition to planning her lessons, she is enjoying time with her host family, exploring the tourist attractions and neighboring cities, as well as trying to volunteer as a soccer coach a couple of times a week. 

In closing, Alicia gives us her remarks about her experience: 

"So far, I am extremely pleased with the overall experience. The school I'm in is such a unique atmosphere in which every single teacher is working towards a common goal and the success of his or her students. I believe that, at Liberty Pines Academy, I am learning from some of the most experienced and committed teachers in the field of education. I know that I will leave St. John's well-prepared and ready to become a dedicated teacher, constantly striving to learn and improve for the benefit of my future students. Nearly a month into my internship, I can say that I have learned something new each and everyday. I also love living with a teacher. It's convenient having somebody besides my mentor teacher to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from." 

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