Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Author Visit at Ashland University

On Tuesday, April 5, Ashland University junior early childhood education majors had a chance to meet author Sandra Philipson. Philipson, a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and Tufts University, finds her inspiration in her dogs. Yes, you heard that right. Philipson's idea for her first book, Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way, came when her dog Annie lost her leg due to cancer. However, the book is about coping with the loss and finding that life moves on despite the handicap that remains.

Author Sandra Philipson with junior early childhood education students at Ashland University

Philipson's biggest message to students was that she is a teacher first. That came evident when third-graders from Woodland Elementary School came to listen to Philipson speak about her books. Not only did Philipson speak, but she also led students through a writing and drawing class. She allowed students to see her "revision" book and communicated that it's okay to make mistakes!

Author Sandra Philipson speaking to 3rd grade students about her dogs (who stand patiently waiting for their treats in front of her).
The third-grade students and Ashland University students alike were delighted to not only hear the inspiration from her books, but see the inspirations themselves! Philipson brought her two dogs to AU for students to see how rambunctious and exciting the dogs really are. Not only are they fun, but they are sweet dogs as well. They are loving and caring, especially when it comes to family, which Philipson made clear in her presentation.

Philipson's "inspirations" for her recent books, Tak and Trini.

Thank you for coming to visit us! It was wonderful to meet you and your dogs!

For more information on Sandra Philipson, please click here.

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