Friday, February 25, 2011

Student Interns at Riverview High School

Photo courtesy of Alan Dunson, Ashland University student intern
Meet our two student interns at Riverview High School, Alan (far left) and Lauren (second from right). Alan is an integrated math major (7-12), while Lauren is a K-12 art major with a concentration in painting.

From L-R: Mrs. Holly Finks, Ashland University President Fred Finks, Alan Dunson, and Mr. Hendershott gather for a group photo at a Florida-area Ashland University Alumni Event in February, 2011

First, we will talk about Alan. One attribute that makes Alan stand out is the incredible dedication to teaching and his love of his students. Not only is he passionate about the career he has chosen, but he desires to truly instill a love of learning within his students. For instance, in his latest blog post, he writes " I trust that I was put on this earth to be significant in the lives of others, specifically, in the lives of students.  I've been blessed with a unique and special ability to help students learn and there's nothing more that I enjoy doing! (except for of course solving Rubik's cubes fast!)" This statement comes after he made a life-changing decision to continue his student teaching in the South, rather than coming back to Ashland University for his senior track season. What a statement of the passion he has for teaching!

One activity Alan has implemented in his classroom that students have especially responded well to is the Valentine's Day geometry poems. He asked students to write love poems that incorporated geometrical terms. For instance, an excerpt of Alan's geometry love poem reads, "Call me irrational, but do not call me a square! For I am aware... of the congruent stare we share." He reported fondly that his students dove headfirst into this assignment and came up with some excellent geometrical love poems. Not only did his students respond well to this assignment, but they were able to learn definitions of the terms in fun, creative ways. Ashland University student interns pride themselves on the modern, hands-on approach to learning that they are well-equipped with to perform their internships in extraordinary fashion.

For more information on Alan's experience, you can visit his website/blog here. His website is not only for his friends and family to keep tabs on his experience, but also for students' use! Some interesting qualities to explore are his problems of the day and his calendar for students.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Moon, Ashland University Student Intern

Next, we have Lauren. Lauren is working with mostly International Baccalaureate students, Advanced Placement students, and pre-International Baccalaureate students. One excerpt from her blog reads, "My experience has been basically my dream job. I have great students who enjoy and love art and always want to do something new. They engage in everything I do." Some of Lauren's students' art is exhibited above and is on display in the front offices at Riverview. Lauren has observed that the students in her classes are diligent and focused on their art, which has inspired her to keep a sketchbook herself.

Lauren has also been able to explore the area in which her host family lives in during her free time. She has attended Riverview basketball games and school productions, in addition to touring area restaurants and shopping attractions. She has truly gotten a well-rounded experience during her internship!

For more information on Lauren, you can check out her blog here.

Next week, we will travel to South Carolina. Please plan on joining us to visit our cooperating elementary and middle schools, as well as our student interns at each location.

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